Thursday, May 6, 2010

NomNom's Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi

Today is one of those quintessential picture perfect, sunny San Diego days that remind me why we spend so much money to live here. I want nothing more than to be outside, but I'm realizing that most of my day will be spent inside. Why, you ask? ...because I'm going on vacation (um, and I haven't started packing!)  Don't feel too sorry for me.

Lemongrass Banh Mi

Drowning in packing madness, I have no recipes for you this fine day. I have been spending the week trying with all restraint possible to resist that daily trip to the grocery store and basically finish up whatever is left in the fridge. Though this difficult task of mine has not ended up in any gourmet meals, I do have an amazing culinary experience to share with you. Even better, right?

Do you have food trucks in your city? Apparently this is the "new thing" in cities like Portland and San Fran though I haven't found it to be too prevalent here in SD (yet). Well, lucky us - the NomNom Truck based out of LA came for a little weekend visit. I randomly spotted them not once, but twice in one weekend - quite a feat for a banh mi truck that posts its ever changing location on its website, twitter and FB.

Lemongrass Banh Mi

The first time I spotted NomNom, I giggled with glee. But, I was basically wearing pajamas out in public. Usually my attire does not prevent me from consuming delicious food, but wouldn't ya know... Food Network had their cameras rolling. No matter how much I love good food, I was not going to be seen on Food Network in my PJs. I sulked away, imagining how good the food must be and cursing myself for leaving the house in my sweats from the early 2000s.

Luckily, I visited the Farmer's Market across from our house the next day, and there they were-- no cameras rolling! I treated myself to this amazingly delicious and tasty Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi sandwich. I'm embarassed to admit - I've never tried one of these traditional Vietnamese sammmies (usually filled with pork) but now I know, I have been truly missing out. Nom Nom's version is pure bliss: toasty baguette + cilantro + carrot and daikon radish + lemongrass chicken (I skipped the jalapenos). If you can locate this truck, try it. Pajamas or no pajamas -- its worth it.  Plus, the truck is uber cute.

Check it out:
Nom Nom Truck
Location in LA area varies by day!

I'll be out for a few weeks but keep eating good food in my absence!