Friday, January 25, 2008

Jazz Up The Kitchen!

Check out these cool new gadgets for the kitchen and entertaining:

Saint & Sinner Wine Stoppers from How cute are these? I must say, the stopper with the cork has a slight resemblence to a pig. Cute hostess gift in any case.

Ice Kebobs would be an absolutely delightful treat on a hot summer day with a cool cocktail. Ahh, summer. If you dream, does it make it come sooner?

Last, but not least...Todd Oldham has designer ziploc bags now. Love it.


Unknown said...

Where did you find the Ice Cube Kabobs. Love them, Gotta Have them!

(bemajay on stlwed)

Sharon said...

Sorry, not sure why the links aren't showing up correctly but they're from an Amazon seller - Loft Party. Cute, huh? You should be able to click on it now for the link!