Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kitchen Goodies Wish List

These products belong in my kitchen:

File under - "why didn't I think of that?"
The crusty edge pieces of brownies are my absolute favorite...and most likely yours too. Too bad there's usually only four. Alas, this labyrinth shaped Brownie Edge Pan , ensures that each brownie piece has the perfect ratio of crust to gooey center that we all love. No more fighting for the corner pieces!

For the indecisive, the S-XL Cake Pan "produces 15 different cake servings to choose from. Half-portions for dieters, oversized portions for insatiables, and the rest for the undecided. Some would see this as the ultimate control, others as the most luxurious of options embedded in delight." ...hmm, I'd still probably choose the jumbo sized piece meant for the stout, fat man below. Lastly, I can never keep my measuring spoons in one place. I don't keep them connected to avoid having to wash the whole set because one spoon is dirty... especially the often neglected 1/8 teaspoon. These measuring spoons stay together by magnets, so you don't need to worry about separating them for the dishwasher. If you'll be using them frequently, think about sticking them on the refrigerator or a metal backsplash. Easy access, easy cleaning...what more could you want? Progressive Measuring Spoons


Maria said...

I love that brownie pan. Such a great idea!

KirkK said...

Who thinks up these things????

Anonymous said...

The magnetic measuring spoons sound like a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just found your blog, and I have to admit, I only eat the center brownies. Good thing my husband likes the edges!