Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Roasted Red Pepper and Edamame Postickers

Since the demise of Tastespotting, many sites have popped up in its place. While I do miss Tastespotting, this game of chasing around new websites has been pleasurable indeed. I must say, I’m in awe of all the talent out there. Besides good photography skills, are these bloggers blessed with both patience and patient food gobblers?

Most of my cooking adventures involve a little spilling of liquids, a splash of flour in my hair (if I’m baking), a little chaos in the kitchen and a lot of heat. Martha Stewart, I am not. Once all the disorder dies down, I’m usually hungry and hubby is ready to get at whatever’s been causing all of the kitchen madness. I like my food HOT and I like it now. Hence, no time for photos unless we have leftovers!

Take for example, today’s vegetarian treat: Roasted Red Pepper and Edamame postickers. Here are the only photos I managed to take-
Edamame Filling: Ready to pop into the steamer/skillet:I decided to do a little taste test comparison and pan fry some as postickers and steam others to make dumplings. Both versions were good, but we (mostly he) gobbled these up so fast, I didn’t have time to snap any 'after' photos. Good thing Tastespotting is gone…the pressure is off! :)

These dumplings were simple & delicious. If you're hankering for some photos of the finished product, Recipe Girl made some similar edamame dumplings you can enjoy.

Roasted Red Pepper & Edamame Dumplings
Adapted from Cooking Light and spotted on Recipe Girl

1 garlic clove, roughly chopped
3/4 cup frozen shelled edamame (green soybeans)
¼ cup chopped roasted red pepper
¼ cup fresh cilantro, roughly chopped
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon dark sesame oil
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
¼ teaspoon Kosher salt
15-20 round posticker wrappers (depending on how much filling you use)
cooking spray
½ cup water, divided

Cook edamame according to package directions; drain. Rinse edamame with cold water; drain well. In a food processor, chop garlic until minced. Add edamame, roasted red pepper, cilantro, lemon juice, sesame oil, soy sauce pepper, red pepper flakes and salt in a food processor; process until smooth.

To make postickers, spoon about 1 heaping tsp. edamame mixture in center of each wrapper. Moisten edges of dough with water; bring opposite ends together and pleat edges to seal.

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Arrange half of dumplings in a single layer in pan; allow bottoms of postickers to brown; Add ¼ cup water to pan; cover and reduce heat to medium. Cook 30 seconds; uncover. Cook 1 minute or until liquid evaporates. Repeat procedure with remaining dumplings and water.

To make steamed dumplings, place mixture in center of wrapper and bring sides of wrappers up around filling.

Heat water in a large steamer and spray steamer basket with nonstick cooking spray. If using bamboo steamer, line with lettuce leaves. Place dumplings on steamer rack and steam for approximately 8-10 minutes.

**Both versions are delicious served with a soy dipping sauce. I usually combine soy sauce with a dash of rice vinegar and a dash of sesame oil. Tasty!


Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

So cool! I definitly have to try to make potstickers now!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Those potstickers look amazing!

RecipeGirl said...

Looks like a great variation. Thanks for the recognition!

I know what you mean about trying to get pics in before eating. Often my family is just hanging out while I'm snapping away. Then we have to microwave everything to heat it up again!

Anonymous said...

these look really tasty - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, the pressure is back on! The new tastespotting is's like tastespotting never ended!

Sharon said...

jessy - they come together so quickly and are quite tasty!

veggiegirl - thanks. I've never thought to use edamame as a filler, but I was very happy with the result.

recipegirl - thanks for having 'finished product' pictures :) It's so tough to say hands off!

recipes2share - thanks for hosting our pics!

noble pig- I know, I know. I'm not quite as obsessed with Foodgawker yet, but I'm getting there. There's so many new sites now I can't keep up!

Lore said...

Tasty indeed! That filling sounds delicious.

Larissa said...

I've been cooking with edamame more, and this looks like a great next thing for me to try! Yum.

grace said...

blast your impatience--i wanted to see the finished product! :) i'm 100% certain these were delicious, i'm 100% certain that i never want to be like martha stewart, and i'm 100% certain that i usually end up eating whatever it is i'm photographing as i go. it's a good technique, except for the grease on my camera... :)

Elle said...

I'd love to try these! I've made potstickers before and though they're fussy work, they're totally worth it.

La Bella Cooks said...

Those look great Sharon. You are always coming up with something fun and delicious!

Leslie said...

No those look good..and healthy!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, and yes... i'm so bored with cooking these days.. it's becoming a chore and not a passion.. i need to try other people's food!
i love this!

your things went out in the mail today. sorry for the delay in getting to you! :)

MrOrph said...

Where's the BACON!!! Just kidding! :-)

These look great. I have the wrappers and the steamer and I have yet to make anything.

Your post is motivation to make some dim sum.

I had my first pic accepted by TS and the NEXT week, they were gone! I am getting a little play from FoodGawker and from

Mrs Erg├╝l said...

I've actually nor made these in vegetarian version. It's a good alternative!

test it comm said...

I like the sound of the roasted red pepper and edamame combo!

Laura said...

I could not agree with you more--I think baked goods are the only even semi-decent photos on my blog. Dinner? Forget about it--we need to eat it!

These look tasty.

kat said...

we love edamame so this is sounding mighty good. so no preference as far as steaming versus frying at all?

Sharon said...

grace - I use my husband's camera and I'm not what he thinks of the flour/grease/dirty hand marks all over it!

mroprh - you may be on to something. Bacon potstickers? Crazier things have happened.

Kat - I prefer postickers, he prefers the steamed ones so its a tie! I say go with the postickers :)

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I've just discovered edamade and I'm so in love with it. Yhis is great way to use it!